The question of how exactly male enhancement pills function is one of the most frequently asked questions in men's forums. In essence, male supplemental pills are used to increase the length and thickness of male sexual organs, which in many men, are seen as the final definition of male masculinity. Men's supplemental pills, of course, have varying degrees of efficacy in this task; with some having what is known as 'proven results,' while others say fraud creates the sole purpose of people collecting hard-earned money. Our focus here, at least for now, is on male enhancement pills that really function, and the question is how they achieve the goal of increasing penis length and thickness in the part of the person who uses it.
Checking various male enhancement pills that are really known to work closely, it turns out they usually work through two main mechanisms: either by increasing the user's hormone level, or by lowering the female hormone level in the user. . Let's see each one for a while.

Starting with the mechanism by which male enhancement pills work by increasing male hormone users, it turns out the size of men's sexual organs, because indeed most of the so-called 'masculine features' in men are under this control. male hormone (also called androgen), especially testosterone which has the most prominent effect. Therefore, a man whose male sexual hormones fall for whatever reason during an important stage of his growth, especially in the middle age of teens to early twenties can find himself experiencing penis size problems later in life: then his need for help can help his problem. . Indeed, just pumping testosterone into adult men is unlikely to cause a large increase in men, but using male hormones in addition to other aids (such as small amounts of growth hormone) has shown some success in encouraging adult penis growth, and this is what pills increase the most based on men.

Another possible cause of penis size problems in men is the so-called 'feminization' of men, where men have normal female hormone levels (because this is expected to be a low level), especially 'limit situations' where female levels are higher that hormone may not' enough to cause a manifestation of a woman's sexual characteristics - but may be high enough to inhibit the work of male hormones in her. So we have one more male enhancement pill that works through the female hormone antagonist mechanism above normal in men, and thus gives male hormones a full chance to manifest among other things, increase penis size.

Speaking of the mechanism of working additional male pills, it should be noted that most of the pills available from this variety tend to be made from synthetic formulations that are a little too strong (which leads to safety problems) especially because our hormones are looking here and are known to be very sensitive. Fortunately, a number of natural male supplemental pills appear (as much as discussed about male enhancement pills including Extenze and Vigrx plus, where male enhancement pills are said to be based on natural ingredients with low potential for side effects), then increase security. profile among users.

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